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Our Work Is Only Possible Because of Our Supporters.

For nearly 35 years, GMHC has worked to uplift the lives of all affected by HIV/AIDS with our groundbreaking prevention and testing services; nutrition, housing, and legal programs; and public policy initiatives. This work would not be possible without the generosity of the individuals, corporations, and foundations listed below. We gratefully acknowledge all gifts made during FY16 (January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016), and we are indebted to our donors’ leadership.

TLifetime Trustee and In Memoriam

President’s Council

$500,000+ annually

Joan H. TischT


$200,000–$499,999 annually




$100,000–$199,999 annually

David Boger
Estate of Jose R. Cruz
Carl Jacobs Foundation


$50,000–$99,999 annually

Keith Haring Foundation

Eric Rudin

May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation


$25,000–$49,999 annually

Joseph Arena Charitable Trust
Association of Lesbian & Gay Affirmative Psychotherapists
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Costco Wholesale
Duane Reade
Estate of Morris Glaser

Joseph A. Hall
Estate of K.C. Rowland
The Ted Snowdon Foundation
Estate of John Tynes
Mickey Rolfe 
H. van Ameringen Foundation


Friends for Life

$10,000–$24,999 annually

Assurant Foundation
Mark A. Bavoso
Bloomingdale’s Fund of the  Macy’s Foundation
Louis A. Bradbury
Davis Polk & Wardwell
Theo Dorian
Estate of Bruce Gerstenfeld
Graham Family Charitable Foundation
The Hagedorn Fund
Michael C. Harwood
Jim Hodges

Michael C. Harwood
Jim Hodges
Allan Karp
The Kors Le Pere Foundation
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, LLP
Rona F. Jaffe Foundation
Edward P. Krugman
Thomas S. McArdle and Glenn Burke
Martin A. Nash
Newman’s Own Foundation
Leslie F. Pomerantz

Raymond Family Foundation
Estate of Kenneth E. Rummel
Edward Sulzberger Foundation
Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Joy Tomchin
Stanley Tomchin
Jonathan G. Weiss and  Barbara J. Asch Weiss
Gary Wexler and Nina Wexler
Judy F. Zankel


$5,000–$9,999 annually


Jeffrey Altman
Anthem Foundation
Estate of Evelyn R. Britt
Brookfield Financial Prop L.P.
Cowles Charitable Trust
Gillian S. Fuller
Jeffrey L. Gates and Michael Moran
Ari Ginsburg
Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Haru Restaurant Sushi Bar
Jerry Herman and Terry Marler
Barbara Kravitz
Harvey Krueger and Connie Krueger
Kenilworth Equities Ltd.
Manhattan Music Group
Alan Manocherian and Nancy Manocherian

Richard Martinez
David McDaniel
William T. Messinger and Darin W. Ronning
Allan Morrow Foundation
New York Bar Foundation
Adam Newsome
Philadelphia Stock Exchange Foundation
George N. Phillips
Stephen Reidy
Jill M. Reilly and James P. Reilly
David B. Rosenauer
Estate of Thomas E. Scheuer
Michael W. Sonnenfeldt
Peter N. Speliopoulos and  Robert L. Turner
Storr Family Foundation
Howard Tucker

The Rafael and Diana Vinoly Foundation
William Winters and Anda Winters
Robert D. Wilson
Caren R. Wishner
Ryan A. Zanin
Howard Tucker
Robert L. Turner
The Rafael and Diana Vinoly Foundation
William Winters and Anda Winters
Robert D. Wilson
Caren R. Wishner
Ryan A. Zanin


$1,000–$4,999 annually

ACE Hotel
Robert N. Alfandre Foundation
     In memory of Robert N. Alfandre
AllianceBernstein Foundation Fund
Amalgamated Bank
American Express Foundation
Michael Amzalag
Bruce Anderson
Robert Arnow
    In memory of Jonathan Wentworth
Christopher A. Austopchuk
Steven Axelrod and Gwenn Mayers
Wendy P. Bachman and Frederick M. Bachman/The Bachman Family Charitable Fund
The Alec Baldwin Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Robert Barish
George A. Basta
Peter G. Beck
Gerald W. Becker
Debra Beneck and Theodore S. Green
Susanna R. Bergtold
Daniel Berk
Sybil Bernstein
Michael Berr
Sebastien Besson
The John N. Blackman Sr. Foundation
Mark Blackman and Deborah Blackman
Maurice T. Bolmer
Virginia R. Bonaro
Theresa M. Bongiardino
  In memory of Michele Marino
Nikki Borrelli
John F. Bradley
Helen A. Brandes
J.T Bromley
J Arthur Brost
Steven H. Brown
Dana Buchman
Don D. Buchwald and Maggie Buchwald
Richard C. Buckley
Roger W. Bunn
Brian J. Burnim
Laurie Burns
C.A.L. Foundation, Inc.
David P. Calfee
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc.
Carol F. Carmasino 
    In memory of John Flowers
John C. Casalinuovo
Lawrence N. Chanen
Stockard Channing
Timothy Chevtaikin
Nikolaus Christmann
Gisele G. Clark
    In memory of Pedro Saez
Chris A. Coleman and Matthew A. Turner
Corporate Synergies
Donald A. Correll
Joanne C. Crist
Alan Cumming
Richard L. Cutter
Susan M. Dacks
Jeffrey Damens
Ronald J. Dellapina

The Helen and Philip Delman FoundationDavid Desocio
Alvin Deutsch
Douglas O. Drake
Driscoll Foods
Felix Drost
Frank DuffMargaret B. Dungan
Kevin C. Efroymson and Deborah Efroymson
Thom J. Ehlen
David Ellenbogen
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Richmond B. Ellis
Edward N. Epstein and Jeanne Epstein
Robert A. Ermanski
Jody Falco and Jeffrey I. Steinman
Thomas Farber
Richard F. Ferrari
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mark J. Fidelman and Mark Hansen
Sabina R. Fila
Robert Finch
David Fink
John S. Fitzgerald
Four Seasons
Nora Freeman
Nancy Gallt
Give With Liberty
Howard A. Glickstein
Richard Glickstein
Rick Goldstein
Goldfarb & Fleece
Goodhart National Gorman Agency
John B. Greg
Emily Grishman
John Paul Geurts and Robert W. Stolt
Allan Guggenheim and Lucy Bolton
Phillip Gutman
Edward Hale
Hampton Classic Horse Show Inc
Jeanmarie Hargrave
Harlem United
Daniel Harrison
James E. Healey and Sandra J. Healey
Curtis Heaston
Allan Heinberg
Erik W. Hepler and Maureen Ryan
Jill Herman
Paul J. Herman
James N. Heston
Geoffrey Hoefer
Jonathan Hoefler
Molly L. Hoyt
Mark R. Imowitz and Gail Imowitz
Zeljko Ivanek
Richard A. Jackson
Laurence G. Jahns
Robert Price Jepsen
David Joselit
Richard Kalb
Michael J. King
Barry W. Kissane
in memory of Ida B. Wittlinger
Gary Kleinau
Willis M. Kleinenbroich
Mark E. Knable

F. Gary Knapp
Hans E. Koch
Matthew Kovich
Rae M. Krelitz
Thomas G. Kwiatkowski
David Lam
William Lauch
Lautman Maska Neill & Company
Christopher Le Coney
Larry Lefkowitz
David O. Leiwant
Arthur S. Leonard
David M. Leventhal
Dean T. Lewallen
LGBT Community Center
George Lichter Family Foundation
Peter C. Lincoln
Gordon S. Linoff and Giuseppe Scalia
Steven L. Lisker
The Litwin Foundation
Joseph J. Llanos and Regla A. Llanos
Robert Lobou
Michael K. Longacre
Marjorie A. Lux
Genevieve Lynch
Robert A.M.Stern Architects, LLP
John P. MacBean
Laura L. MacLeod
Neil J. MacPhail
Nora B. Mann
Frederick K. Marek
Richard V. McCune
Michael McDonald
Mark McGann
Mark M. McGuire
Gary W. Meyer
Thomas M. Miller
Kathleen A. Moloney
Richard K. Moore
Mutual of America, Inc.
Kathleen A. Nath
National Philanthropic Trust
William P. Nelson
The New York Community Trust
NY Blood Center
Raymond C. Nied
Scott D. Oaks and James Adler
Garrick O. Ohlsson
Lisa Orberg
Stephen Oremus
Isabelle C. Osborne
James J. O’Toole
Nicole Paisner and Bruce L. Paisner
Andy Pellick
H. Charles Pfaff
Pfizer Foundation
Todd R. Phillips
Carole L. Pittelman and Ira Pittelman
Michael Plofker
Christine Pulito-Colbert
Joshua Pushkin
Maxine Rapoport
Abraham Rapp
Gregory R. Reed
Deborah J. Rennels

Abraham Reyes
Timothy A. Robert
Randal Romero-Savage and  Cesar R. Romero-Savage
Room & Board
Brian J. Rosenthal
Estate of Robert B. Rumely
James J. Ryan
Ajay Salhotra
Donna Sasso
William H. Saunders
Peter Scamardella
Bernard Schleifer
John P. Schmitt
Frederick W. Schoenhut and  Laurie Schoenhut
Robert L. Schulte
John E. Schumacher
Kenneth H. Schweber
Jeffrey Seller
Richard Serra and Clara Weyergraf-Serra
Frank M. Shanbacker
Albert F. Sharp
Constance A. Sheehan
The Skolnick Family Charitable Trust
Barry C. Skovgaard
Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Charles T. Smith
Gavin Somersel
Jeffrey B. Soref
Susan R. Spencer
Charles Sperling
The Susan Stein Shiva Foundation
Hollis Stern
Robert L. Stine and Jane Stine
Kirk Stirling
Greg Swalwell
Jean F. Swank and Richard B. Swank
Corporate Synergies
Christopher R. Tepper
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
William M. Tomai and John E. Sebesta
Kevin J. Toomey
Elyse Topalian
Michael R. Tyson
Beth Uffner
David Umbach
Sally Unger
United Way of Central Ohio
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
United Way Suncoast
Marcello Vaccaro
David A. Venable
David H. Vickrey
John Vlachos
Thomas P. von Foerster
Daniel L. Wallace
Jan K. Weil and Amos Avgar
Weinman Family Foundation
Lois Weinroth
White & Case LLP
Lawrence E. Wieman and Lief Sannen
Eric F. Wieschaus and Gertrud Schupbach
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks/ TR Family Trust
Le Du’s Wines
Richard Wolf and Leah Morgan
Andrea Woodner
Cindy Workman
Victor Yen/The Yen Family Charitable Foundation
Robert G. Zack
Marc P. Zemsky



$500–$999 annually


Hyman Abady
Gregory Aiuto
Marianne Andreach
Alberto Arias
James E. Armstrong
Katherine C. Ash
The AT&T Foundation
James A. Avitabile
Utkarsha Ayachit
Gordon N. Baker
Jason C. Baker
Katrina L. Baker
Susan J. Barnett
Robert H. Barnowske
James Barone
Ivan M. Bart
David W. Bartz
Barry Bergdoll
Esther Beynon
James L. Bjorum
Robert F. Blitzer
Richard A. Bloch
William K. Block
Susan Z. Bloom
Richard Bornstein
Evelyn Bouden
Alvin Bowker
Jack W. Boyd
Roxanne Brandt
Lynn Brannon
Roy S. Brayton
Neal Brilliant
Constance A. Brown
Richard P. Burlage
Susan E. Butler
Everett L. Byrd
Janet Byrne Smith
Thomas J. Cahill
Earl Carlile
Luceil D. Carroll
Ellen Chajson
John T. Chamard
Gwin J. Chin
Laiying Y. Chong
Eunu Chun
Fran Cintorino
Robert W. Clark
Joel O. Conarroe
Jeff Conway
Ron Coonelly
Corcoran Group
Michael B. Cox
Cynthia J. Dames
David N. Damrosch
Penelope Dannenberg
W. David Hardy
Garren DeFazio
John B. Deitz
Kate Delacorte
Louis J. Denkovic
John Derian
Digital Network Assoc., LLC
Timothy W. Donovan
Anne M. Doolittle
Robert L. Drabkin
Amy Duda
Eugene R. Eldridge
Epoch Investments
John M. Evans
Michael A. Evans
Raymond Fallon
Glen Fasman
Paul A. Ferrara
Robin Feuerstein
Andrea Fey
Michael Field
Spencer Finch
Angelina Fiordellisi
Stephen A. Foster
Larry E. Foster
Betty R. Franklin
Jeffrey T. Freehof
Mary Ann Frenzel
Stephen K. Friedman
Peter H. Gartner
Christopher T. Gassett
Stanley Geller
Gregory C. Gibson
Jonathan S. Goldberg
Jim E. Goldman
David S. Goodman
Thomas P. Gormley
Bruce M. Green
Marey Griffith
Judy E. Gross
Guilford Publications, Inc.
Joseph L. Halbach
Roy Hamilton
Robert L. Hamm
Lucinda A. Harris
James Hartman
Gary S. Hattem
Jonathan A. Haye
Howard Heffler
Anthony O. Heilbut
John B. Heist
Anthony D’Angelo
Michael J. Dansky
Cynthia R. DeBartolo
Mitchell Heller
Brian C. Hemesath
Paul A. Hendricks
Michael J. Herko
Douglas L. Herold
Robert E. Hoffmann
Elizabeth Hofsas
Joseph S. Holman
Winifred J. Holzman
Stephen W. Hornyak
Adam Hughes
Michael Hughes
Paul Humphreys
Don Iannone
IBM Corporation
Yuko Ichikawa
David K. Israel
Alarya D. Jay
Hong Ji
Keith R. Johnson
Jeffrey N. Jones
Michael Kahn
Robert S. Kamin
Morris B. Kaplan
Lawrence J. Kaplen
Mitchell J. Karp
Christopher J. Kell
Leona Kern
Stephen Kipp
Eve K. Kleger
David Knapp
Stephen Knoll
John E. Kochanowski
Edward D. Koenig
Isobel R. Konecky
Anthony Kosinski
John Kuehn
Joseph P. LaMar
Joann Lang
Paul J. Larrousse
Juanita B. Leff
David A. Levine
Jonathan Lewis
Elizabeth H. Lifschultz
Eleanor Litwak
William B. Lloyd, III
LMEPAC Charity Program  Custodial Account
Bradley M. Look
Ellen Lupton
Ismail Ma
Akira Maeda
Ronaldo Maia
Mitchell Makowski
Hermes Mallea
Frank J. Mammone
Sandra R. Mann
Jesse T. Manocherian
Cynthia Marks
Kenneth Martin
Silvia Marx
Lisa Maska
Christine Matthews
Tim Maxfield
Michele C. Mayes
Charles J. McBee
William M. McCormack
Timothy E. McGraw
Gerald M. McLoughlin
David Meer
The Metropolitan Opera
Elazar Milbaur
Morton Milder
Dean Millard
Jonathan B. Miller
Anelle Miller
Gaines M. Mimms
Dianne J. Mitchell
The David E. Monn Charitable Foundation
Richard R. Moore
Kathleen A. Moore
Katherine Moore
Frank Morabito
David Noble
Noble Black
Jens Nordvig
Susan M. Norris
Anita O’Boyle
Timothy O’Brien
Daniel J. O’Connell
Thomas M. O’Neill
Jeffrey Osterman
Gary Ott
Our Lady J
The Overbrook Foundation
Michael A. Pargee
John Pariseau
Park Lane Hotel
Bertram B. Parker
Gilbert Parker
Joseph B. Parsons
Michael R. Pellegrino
Paul Pelssers
Frederick W. Peters
Stephen Pielocik
Jon C. Pigage
Eric A. Pliner
Dwight F. Powell
Carol A. Prugh
PSEG (Public Service Enterprise Group)
Julia M. Quagliata
Eduardo Quintana
Amit Rakhit
Mona V. Rasmussen
Claudia Ray
Munich RE America Inc
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Matt Reitsma
Samuel Retamar
Susan E. Reynolds
Cathy Rifenberg
Jeffrey Rindler
John Roach
Donald Robbins
William G. Roberts
Gordon Robinson
Oscar A. Robledo
Therese Rodriguez
Roger F. Rose
Keith F. Rosen
Jonathan Rosen
Harvey Rosenberg
Edith R. Ross
Janet C. Ross
Roger Ross
Daryl Roth Productions
The T. Rowe Price Program For Charitable Giving
Lynn Sable
Jill Salberg
Sally Sanderlin
Frank M. Schaefer
Janice C. Scheetz
Yvette H. Scheven
Hans Schmidt
Gretchen Schnabel
Steven R. Schnur
Toni S. Schulman
Paul H. Sears
Adam Shapiro
Victor Shargai
David M. Sherman
Jen Shykula
Mitchell P. Siegel
Judith L. Siegel
Kendra Simes
Rollin Smith
Angela E. Smith
Dennis H. Smith
Michele Sodi
Robert J. Sommer
Connie Sopic
Annaliese E. Soros
Sebastian Sperber
Charles E. Spicer
Lori Spiegel
Andrew R. St. John
Allan Starr
Howard M. Steiman
Carlo Steinman
William Stern
Esther E. Sternberg
David H. Stier
Dee A. Strickland
Andrew Taiani
Samarpana Tamm
Ian S. Tattenbaum
Peter M. Taub
Marvin Tenenbaum
Karl Thies
Eric Thirer
Donn J. Thompson
Karen R. Tobia
Robin Tost
Francis A. Towne
Travelers Foundation
Kelley A. Trotter
Leo T. Tsai
Diane Tucker
Andrew Turrisi
Jody Uttal
Lucia Vail
Rima Vargas-Vetter
Jane Veron
Village Care of New York
John M. Walsh
Sarah B. Watstein
Marcia D. Weber
Harold Weidman
Lester Weingarten
Janet J. Weissman
Frederick Wertheim
James M. and Ruth E. Wilder Foundation
Wilf Family Foundations
Robert T. Williams
Hall F. Willkie
Michael J. Wilson
James F. Wohler
James T. Zebroski
Christian Zimmermann
Maxine Zinder


Benefactors–Monthly Giving Program

Stephen M. Abbey
Joe Aiello
Patricia R. Ainsworth
Alexandra D. Alger
Shawn M. Allan
Hector Alonso
Allen Alter
Lynn Anderson
Christopher Andrew
Carmen A. Angelone
Mark Ansell
Marilyn J. Armbruster
Monty S. Arnold
Phyllis August
Mary Ann Ault
Katherine Babiak
Marianne Baird
Tim Balboni
Anna R. Baldino
Lester Baltimore
Andrea Barbieri
Robert Barish
Seymour Barofsky
Bill R. Bartelt
Gregory W. Bartha
Mary Barton
Lisa L. Barzilai
Jeff Bauml
Kent L. Beaty
James K. Beauchamp
Lynn Beaulieu
Ryan Beck
Dolores Becker
Abbie Belmar
Linda Bergman
Daniel Berk
Julia D. Berwick
Tobias Blackwell
Martha Blake
Thomas J. Blazek
Steven N. Blier
Alan Block
Mark M. Block
Gordon Blyth
Joshua S. Boger
Marie M. Bogest
Sarah Bonanno
Anne Bonenberger
Robert S. Bonuomo
Bill Borenstein
Alva Bostick
Virginia L. Bower
Joseph P. Bowers
Jack W. Boyd
David G. Bragin
Roy S. Brayton
Barbara L. Brenner
Mitchell Brenner
Peter Brenner
Eric N. Buchalter
William R. Buck
Richard C. Buckley
Pauline Bunt
Robert J. Burbank
Michael Burgess
Mary Jo Burke
Susan E. Butler
Ted Caine
Daniel Camacho
Carolyn M. Canada
Samuel Cantin
Dominic A. Capolongo
Melanie L. Carey
Jean Carlson
Anne Carney
Daniel Carrier
Orestes J. Carter
John C. Casalinuovo
Marta E. Castano
Peter Catapano
Lorraine Cetto
Lake Charles
Maureen Charleston
Noah B. Chasin
Wendy Chatman
Hector F. Chavez
Armando Chisari
Kevin Christensen
Ed Christie
Gary Clark
John D. Claypoole
Debra Coddington
Ira D. Cohen
Jayne Cohen
Ronald H. Cohen
Michael S. Concilio
Michael R. Conklin
Fraser H. Conlon
Joan Conner
Shoshana Cooper
Kimberly A. Corbin
Frederick E. Corke
Paul Costa
Joseph G. Cotugno
Bruno Cozin
George M. Cozonis
Milford F. Crandall
Cora S. Cranemeyer
Phyllis Creager
Joanne C. Crist
Gregory A. Cullari
James F. Cunningham
Tom M. Curran
Tom D’Agostino
Charles S. D’Angelo
Virginia A. D’Antonio
James A. D’Apollonia
Herbert Damsky
Deborah E. Daniels
Gerisnaldo L. DaSilva
Amy B. Dattner
Steve Daviault
D. Davis
Dolly L. Davis
Jerry L. Davis
Thomas A. De Lorenzo
Willem De Ronde
Dennis Decker
Marie Defiore
Al Denenberg
Thomas J. DeStefano
Joseph Ditta
John Donnelly
Anne M. Doolittle
Ellen Dougherty
Alexander A. Drummond
Phyllis E. Dubrow
Margaret B. Dungan
Phil Dunn
Leclanche Durand
Jan R. Dyckman
Celia Easton
Marjorie W. Eisenman
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Richmond B. Ellis
Claire Elton
Shirley Escala
Doris Eugenio
Peter Eurich
Bryan Evangelista
J. T. Ewing
Susan Fainstein
Raymond Fallon
Joseph Fargnoli
Seymour Feldman
Gretchen Feltes
Allen Feltman
Siobhan Ferguson-Sundel
Patricia Filomena
Robert Finch
Jerry A. Finkelstein
Stephanie L. Finn
Robert Firestone
Mary Fisher-Northrop
Geraldine M. Fitzgerald
John F. Fleischman
Ronald D. Fliegelman
Christina Floyd
Jane E. Fogtman
Michael Folkman
Gerald Forbes
Monique Fowler
Betty R. Franklin
Gilda Frantz
Pamela L. Fraser
Otto P. Frauenzimmer
Brian Free
Daniel Freelander
Jane Freeman
Vicki Friedfeld
Frances A. Friedman
William H. Fuessler
Mark E. Funk
Bruce Gagliardi
Nancy Gallt
Jack Gambino
Mary Gannon
Richard Garmise
Laurie Garrett
Norbert Gasser
Robert K. Gaynor
Barbara Y. Gee
Len Gelstein
John J. Gillen
Robert D. Ginsberg
Jerry Gioeni
Elinor Gipfel
Richard K. Gitt
Eugenio L. Giusti
Douglas R. Givin
David Golante
Jeffrey M. Goldstein
Dora Golfetto
Bernice Gordon
Roberta Gorman
Victor Gotay
Helen C. Goulimis
Harvey Gram
Sandra Gray
Lenore Greenberg
Melanie Greer-Huff
John J. Gregory
Jill Greinke
Sharon M. Griffith
Sarah Gruhin
Paul C. Grzella
Laurie J. Guberman
Douglas M. Guiles
Seema Gulati
Joseph Hagerty
John C. Hahn
Louis P. Haick
Monicka Hanssenteele
Shirley Hardie
Joseph A. Hardy
William Harper
Lucinda A. Harris
Rhonda L. Harris
Richard W. Hatter
Janice Haymes
Paul Heacock
Diane B. Heimer
Allan Heinberg
Mitchell Heller
Brian C. Hemesath
Paul A. Hendricks
N. P. Hennessey
Michael E. Henry
Vivian Hershy
Joy C. Hertzog
Scott J. Hillje
Alan Himmelstein
Lynn P. Hippen
Alice Hiss
Patricia Hixson
Liz T. Hodge
Alexandra Hoffman
Joseph Hoffman
Stephen J. Holley
Earl R. Holman
James Hong
Bradley Hoover
James L. Hoover
Arthur Hopkirk
Mary Ann E. Horan
John P. Houst
Elwood J. Howard
Patrick Howe
Jill W. Howell
Adam Hughes
Christine Iadevia
Gary S. Ide
William S. Ijams
Mark A. Ingram
Susan Inmann
David K. Israel
Barbara Iuculano
Lawrence Jacobson
Roberto Jerez
William T. Jones
Susan A. Joseph
John Joyce
J. Richard Judson
Robert S. Kamin
Randy Meg Kammer
Wendy Kanter
Margaret Kaplan
Joanna M. Kapner
Elinor Kass
Judy Kaufman
Andrea Kavaler
Sharon Kay
Marie Keegan
Arthur J. Keeler
Timothy J. Kelley
Nicholas G. Kepros
Jay A. Kernis
Mura Kievman
Todd Killinger
Ervine Kimerling
Robert Klar
Edward D. Koenig
Isobel R. Konecky
David Korabik
Odile Kory
Ann V. Kramer
Ronald Krause
Donald Kuhn
Linda M. Kurtz
Thomas G. Kwiatkowski
Deborah Kydon
Bernard Lacy
Robert Lagerstrom
Carole Lalli
Joseph P. LaMar
Mary Lamasney
Robert Lambiase
Tim Lammers
Pamela Landberg
Jeff Largiader
Deborah M. Larkin
Antonio C. Larrinaga
Frank Latko
Denise J. Lavetty
Doriane Lazare
Michael R. Leblanc
Jon T. Lee
Martin I. Leeds
Susan Leighton
John Lemien
Thomas C. Lesko
Mary Lett
Ted Levan
Clif Levin
Abby Levine
Jed Levine
Rose M. Libassi
Engkiat Michael Lim
Robert Linsey
Grace L. Lissauer
Michael E. Logsdon
Lauren M. Lombardi
John A. Lonsak
Edwin Lopez
Thomas Lopez
Amy Loprest
Emily R. Lowenstein
Peter K. Lu
Barbara Lubell
Barbara J. Luck
Michael J. Lynch
Rendell N. Mabey
Greg C. MacPherson
Jason Macario
Paul MacDonald
Gail Macintyre
Stuart Macphail
Manuel Madero
Laura Maglione
Patricia Majcher
Marianne H. Makman
Susan Maleh
Richard F. Mann
Michael A. Marcionese
Cynthia Marks
Susan S. Marshall
Denise B. Martin
Beth-Ann Martorello
Americo Massi
Catherine A. Mathias
Edmund J. Mattei
Patrick J. McCabe
Edward J. McCarthy
Thad M. McGar
Jessie McGee
Sydney W. McIlhenny
Deborah McKeever
Kevin McKeon
Leslie M. McKinley
Mark McLaren
John M. McMahan
Kevin X. McNamara
Stephen L. McRae
Edith Meeks
David Meer
Sigrid Meinel
Howard Meltzer
Mark Menard
Robert D. Mercurio
William N. Merrick
Tom Merritt
Marya F. Methven
Elspeth Meyer
Peter Meyer
Anita Michael
Anelle Miller
Gabe Miller
Gregory J. Miller
Jenny Miller
Rosemary C. Milliman
Gary Mills
Jonathan C. Mills
Bianca Mittag
Joseph Molfetta
Alain Montour
Kathleen A. Moore
Bert Morris
Judith Mounty
Hamid Moussavian
Catherine Murphy
Diane Murphy
Thomas P. Murray
Deborah B. Myers
Scott A. Myers
Joseph M. Napoli
Anthony Nardi
Joseph A. Natale
Eloise J. Neal
Fitzpatrick Nedd
Leonard Neufeld
Olga M. Neuhaus
Lewis G. New
Julia Nicolas
Julie Nidetz-Karcher
John D. Nissley
William O. Noren
Paul M. Norton
Connie Nunez
Mary E. Nusbaum
John B. O’Brien
Dorothy S. O’Hanlon
Scott D. Oaks
Carol A. Oliva
Wayne Olsen
Leah Osterberg
Alice Ostrowsky
Marykate Owens
Adelpha Paeper
Robert Palasco
Roberto L. Palou
George Palumbo
Evan Pappas
Patrick M. Parker
Maureen Parry
Francis J. Patrelle
Norman L. Patton
Robert Paulson
Richard E. Pedersen
Michael R. Pellegrino
Marshall Peller
William Pelto
John H. Percy
Mary J. Perpich
Keith Perron
John Peverley
Dan Piccinini
Tania Pinto
Jess Platero-Hardesty
Diane Podell
Ellen Pollan
Maryellen Porto
Mary B. Powers
Leslie J. Prouty
Francine Purcell
Richard E. Pyle
Lisa Quackenbush
Joan M. Quilty
Lois Rafenski
Joseph Rainone
John Ramelli
Carlos Ramirez
Lisa M. Ramirez
Norma Ramos
Stephanie Rasberry
Paul C. Raso
Peter Ratray
Kirk D. Read
Gregory R. Reed
James A. Reed
Henry B. Reinhard
Gary Reisinger
Dirk J. Reitsma
Matt Reitsma
John C. Rengstorff
Susan E. Reynolds
Shelbiana Rhein
Joyce A. Rhodes
Alan Rich
Charles S. Rich
Marco Ridomi
Ruben Rivera-Jackman
Donald Robbins
David O. Roberts
Tim Robins
Chris Rochester
Catherine A. Rohan
Jacqueline A. Roman
Felix Romero
Timothy C. Rosato
Esther H. Rose
Daniel F. Rosemarin
Harvey Rosenberg
Vita Rosenberg
Ira Rosenblum
Gary Rother
Claudia C. Rouhana
Marjorie Royle
Robert J. Rubenstein
Bernie Rubin
Greg J. Ruby
Bill Russell
Karen Rychlicki
Barry Sacker
Michael Sacks
Mildred A. Safar
Eduardo G. Sanchez
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Dainis Saulitis
Lyle P. Saunders
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Arthur N. Wright
Manny Young
Mary Young
Patricia Zebro
James T. Zebroski
Christopher J. Zerebny
Jeffrey Ziernicki
Glee E. Zusi


Annual Gala

March 21, 2016

GMHC’s Annual Gala honored former GMHC Board President Louis Bradbury; activist, artist, and author Mary Fisher; and Oscar-winning screenwriter, director, producer, and activist Dustin Lance Black. Held at Cipriani 42nd Street and hosted by comedian Judy Gold, the evening also included presenters Alan Cumming, New York City Councilmember Corey Johnson, and New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Assistant Commissioner Demetre Daskalakis, MD. Broadway actor, singer, and dancer Nick Adams performed a song from the hit musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and the night was rounded out by a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner program, and luxury live auction. The event raised more than $470,000.

Gold Sponsors $25,000
Duane Reade
Joy Tomchin
Stanley Tomchin

Silver Sponsors $15,000
Davis Polk & Wardwell
Mickey Rolfe

Bronze Sponsors $10,000
Louis A. Bradbury
Delta Air Lines
Fiona Druckenmiller
Jeffrey Gates and Brian Offutt
Kramer Levin
Roberta A. Kaplan
Kelsey Louie
Savills Studley


Howard Ashman Award & Cabaret

September 19, 2016

The 5th Annual Howard Ashman Award & Cabaret, named after the Oscar- and Grammy-winning lyricist of Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Little Shop of Horrors who passed away from AIDS-related complications in 1991, honored actor Javier Muñoz for his activism in the  fight against HIV/AIDS. Muñoz, who stepped full-time into the title role of  the smash Broadway hit Hamilton after the show’s creator and original star, Lin-Manual Miranda, left the production, was diagnosed with HIV in 2002  and has become an invaluable advocate in the fight against HIV stigma and discrimination. His openness to talk about living with HIV has also helped promote dialogue about prevention, testing, and treatment.

Miranda himself made a surprise appearance at the event and performed  a song from his earlier Broadway musical, In the Heights. Other performers included Broadway stars Robin De Jesús (Wicked, In the Heights); Alton Fitzgerald White, Rosie Lani Fiedelman, and James Brown-Orleans (The Lion King); Henry Gainza and Ana Villafañe (On Your Feet!); and Ryann Redmond (If/Then), who each performed songs penned by Ashman or other musical hits. The event raised $35,000.

Patron Sponsors $2,500
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
New York University

Media Sponsors
Hello Mr.
Edge Media


AIDS Walk New York Star Walkers 2016


In May 2016 the 31st Annual AIDS Walk New York was held in Central Park, raising $4.5 million for GMHC and dozens of other local AIDS service organizations. The Walk drew 30,000 walkers and featured celebrities and elected officials including Rosie Perez, Alan Cumming, Bebe Neuwirth, U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, New York State Senator Brad Hoylman, and New York State Assemblymembers Dick Gottfried and Jo Anne Simon.

Since its inception in 1986, AIDS Walk New York has raised nearly $150 million for GMHC and dozens of Tri-State-area HIV and AIDS organizations and has grown into the world’s largest AIDS fundraising event. Star Walkers each raise $1,000 or more for AIDS Walk New York annually, and play a major role in its continued success. We thank them and applaud their outstanding fundraising achievements. The following Star Walkers each raised $2,500 or more.

Jim Brett Kelsey Louie


$20,000 – $49,999

Christian Ewing
Rita Fischer
Francine Goldstein
Ray Hagg

Tallulah & Harlow Hubbard-Tripi
James Matte
Michael Pennock
Greg Tarbell


$10,000 – $19,999

Raul Argudin
Karen Buglisi-Weiler
Craig DeThomas
Philip Fusciello
Sally Hall
Michael Harwood
Anthony Hayes
Ian Jopson
Matthew Katzenson
David Krasner

Mark Milstein
Lauri Murray
Jackie Nichols
Osvaldo Perdomo
Adam Sank
Marc Schneider
Jason Shaw
M. Christine Smith
Michael Watts


$5,000 – $9,999

Carlos Alarcon
Ronald Andujar
MaryJane Boland
Armen Brash
Terry Callaghan
Didi Charney
Kenneth Cooke
Lisa Copeland
Rob Cordell
Jodi Ehrens
Marlon Fearon
Steven Fischer
Darrell George
Donna Gins
Catherine Goetschel
Elyse Goodman
Dean Haglin
Perry Halkitis
Alyce Hershenhart
Su Hilty
Bill Hoffman
Bernee Kapili

Roberta A. Kaplan
Andrew MacPhail
Nancy Mahon
Daniel Maury
Sean Miller
Alain Montour
Hal Moskowitz-Murphy
Christian O’Brien
David Pais
Edwina Phox
Anthony Pisano
Barbara Roman
Candy Samples
Rosemary Santos
Brenda Segel
Michael Shattner
Carla Silverman
Julie VanOngevalle
Imtiaz Waldin
Steffi Wallis
Felecia Webb
$2,500 – $4,999

Nick Adams
Edyth Alexander
Blaine Alexander
Matt Amore
Andreas Anastasis
Michael  Armstrong
Robert Arnold-Simons
Marc Ausset
Jason Bailey
Sean Bayliss
Christopher Beck
David Berman
Charles Bernard
Warren Bimblick
Thomas Bindert
David Boger
Patrick Boyd
Bill Bracker
Ernie Brescia
Maria Brunet
Dawn Buchenholz
Bill Carr
Dennis Chung
Siobhan  Ciminera
Jonathan Clay
John Colon
Donna Colon
William Cook
Jonah Copiaco
Gary Cowling
Kenneth Craig
Donald Credle
Judith Cruz-Walsh
Jack David
Glenn Davis
Joseph Dehn
Rick DeKovessey
Beatriz DeLaMora
Frank DellAquila
Anita Dreichler
Angela Ferrell
Heather Flock
Devon Fraser
Fran Friedman

Sarah Garry
Vince Gatton
Barbie Gatton
Rick Grant
Allan Gruet
Tom Guthrie
Rhonda Harris
Bill Hawkins
Joel Herman
David Hilder
Hannah Hirschland
Janet Hoyte
Greg Jones
Francois Jourdain
Larry Kaplan
Solomon Kibriye
William Kissel
Maggie Kneip
Scott Kramer
Naomi Kresner
Edward Krugman*
Stephen Lee
Mark Leitao
Tony Lembeck
Darrell Lester
Barbara  Litt
Phil LoCicero
David Loewenguth
Duncan Logan
Archie Long
Joe Longo
Manny Lopez
Josephine Lum
Azura Mason
Clif Mathews
Ella Matza
James McCollough
Emerald McIntyre
David Mohamed
Hephzibah Morabito
Charles Morgan
Jane Morrison
Bruce Moskovitz
Jesse Mothershed

Keith Myers
Elizabeth Nerich
Susan Norton-DiCerto
Matthew Ossenfort
Jesse Pasackow
Tania Pinto
Kevin Potter
Chip Prince
Dina Pruzansky
Carlos Quinones
Lee Raines
Robert Riccoboni
Manuel Rivero
Sandra Rogers
Scott Rollison
Jason Rosenbaum
Marie Rosseels
Nic Rouleau
Dayo Rufai
Kim Russo
Narciso Saavedra
Luis Santos
Karen Snow
Paul Spencer
Gary Stavella
Kevin Sterns
Daniel Stickler
Kristyn Stolze
Kate Strachan
Tari Stratton
Randy Swisher
Ro Teng
Delano Thompson
Barbara Torney
Jose Torres
Peter Twyman
Holly Unterberger
Nick Voelker
Kimberly Wahlberg
April Watkins
John Weber
Jesse Wilkinson
Gregg Winkelman
George Yuen